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Mimio Teach Interactive System turns any dry-erase board into an interactive whiteboard
DYMO MimioTeach Interactive System MimioTeach Interactive System
You don't need to buy and set up complicated and expensive equipment now. $975.00
DYMO MimioCapture Ink Recording System MimioCapture Ink Recording System
Use dry-erase markers on any whiteboard, & automatically save what you write to share & edit later. $365.00
DYMO MimioVote Assessment System MimioVote Assessment System
What if your assessment tools could accurately measure student understanding on the spot, with maximum class participation? $2,073.00
DYMO MimioPad Wireless Tablet MimioPad Wireless Tablet
What if you could walk around your classroom while teaching from the whiteboard?
MimioView MimioView Document Camera
Specially designed for interactive teaching, this document camera makes it more interesting for students to learn.$731.00
MimioStudio Software CD MimioStudio Software CD
It's easy to create multimedia lessons that engage your students, using the teacher-tested content in the MimioStudio™ Gallery.FREE Download

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